Penuel Children's Foundation
Penuel Children's Foundation

How Can I Help?

Every child deserves a safe home to live in, with people who love & care for them. A safe place where they are certain of having enough food each day. A home where they can rest; warm, dry & free from fear. A place they can be a child again.


Pray for areas highlighted by Penuel in our newsletter and on twitter or facebook.


Volunteer your time and expertise, either in our project overseas or at home.

To volunteer please email us at [email protected]

  • Nappies

    £10 can buy enough nappies for 1 child for 2 weeks.

    Give £10 a month. »

  • Feeding a Child

    £20 can feed a child living in the haven for a month.

    Give £20 a month. »

  • Medical Care

    £30 can cover the cost of a child’s unforeseen medical bills each month.

    Give £30 a month. »

  • Baby food and formula

    £50 can cover the cost of formula and baby food used by 3 babies in one month.

    Give £50 a month. »

  • Water and Electricity

    £100 can help cover the cost of the water and electricity supply to the haven for a month.

    Give £100 a month. »

  • Providing a Bed

    It takes £600 per month to cover all the costs of looking after a child for 1 month. This includes: rent, consumables (e.g nappies, formula, food), medical care, salaries (24 hour care), electricity, communications, security, & petrol costs.

    Give £600 a month. »

  • One time donation

    All one time donations are gratefully received. Thank you for your generosity.

    Give a one time donation »